First night in the pool wrap-up

Posted by Dickinson Gators on May 07 2024 at 07:54PM PDT

What a great first day in the pool! We are so proud of how our swimmers worked and are excited of what we saw today!!
Couple of reminders:
- Swimmers need to be over in the grass area, next to the bleachers, 2-5 minutes before practice starts. Our coaches like to utilize every minute and it’s imperative they get stretched before getting in the pool.
- Allow the coaches to coach your swimmer. We have a very experienced coaching staff and their knowledge is invaluable. We ask you not to”coach” your child when they get to the end where parents are sitting.
- Make sure your swimmers are drinking lots of water during the day and also eating healthy, nutritious foods leading up to practice. We had quite a few swimmers with cramps, this evening, and many said they hadn’t drank any water all day and/or eaten prior to practice. There are a ton of good sites that can provide great ideas on good snacks prior to a practice. Our top priority is making sure our swimmers are healthy.
-Swimmers need to have googles for every practice. We do not have extras to borrow at this time. Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Amazon and even Ross have goggles. You also may want to get a few extra pairs. Your swimmer may need to go through a few different styles before they find their right fit.
-On Thursday, Coach Nate will not be at practice. Our assistant coaches are % trusted by the board to lead a practice. If there are any concerns, we ask you speak to the board member(s) on duty while allowing our coaches to instruct.

Have a great night! Go Gators!!!
Callie Harmon