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Registration Coming Soon!!

Posted by Dickinson Gators at Mar 17, 2021 3:22PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2021 Registration set to open on April 1st!
Stay tuned for more information!

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*Meet FAQs*

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How will the meet run?
- Similar to a normal meet in years past
- Only our swimmers will be here (no other team)
- We will have 60 true “events”
- A heat sheet will be posted online prior to the start of the meet so you can see what lane, heat, and event your swimmer will be in
o You can do that yourself if you choose
- We will have one timer per lane and one “head timer”
When is the meet?
- We will have “one meet” but run it twice (once in the morning and once in the evening)
- They will take place at the beginning of each practice time.
o 7:00 AM
o 5:45 PM
o You will need to be there at either 7 AM or 5:45 PM no matter when your practice normally is.
Do we need to go to both?
- No! Please do not go to both
- We will run the exact same meet twice. This means it does not matter which meet you come to (morning or evening)
Will we have relays?
- Yes and no. Relays will not be true relays like we normally had in previous years. We won’t have the entire team at each meet, so we won’t have enough swimmers for a normal relay. We will however have some fun relays at the end of the meet!
Can I come in and watch?
- Yes, we would love you to. Just make sure to wear a mask!
Will there be snacks for sale?
- We will have KONA ICE out again at the pool for the evening meet. We will also have water for sale.
What about volunteers? Who is going to be a timer?
- We are going to ask that each family provide one person to volunteer. For each meet we will need a total of 16 volunteers for each meet—8 each half.
How will I know how fast my kid swam?
- We will post results to the Facebook page a few days after the meet is over.
More Questions?
- Please feel free to call, email, or text me!
o 832-260-8301

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Weekly Information for week of 6/22 to 6/25

Posted by Dickinson Gators at Jun 20, 2020 7:53AM PDT
  • Sign-Up Information
    Here is the sign-up for the week of 6/22 to 6/25. Please note that the sign up will be for the whole week, not day by day. While we understand that plans change day-to-day for so many of us, please only attend the practice your swimmer is signed up for in order to to help us keep our numbers at a safe level. We are constantly watching the COVID-19 numbers in our area and this had a big impact on our decision to change how the sign-ups will be completed. If you are unable to make your elected sign-up, speak with Coach Colby or Jay before you swimmer enters the pool for a time they are not signed up for.
    Click here to access the sign-up for next week.
  • Pictures
    Pictures will be this Wednesday, 6/24. Individual pictures will go from 5:00-7:00 with our team picture at 6:30. Forms can be found on the bulletin board as you enter the pool area. I will also post one on the FB group this week for your reference.

* * Shirts/Swim Caps*
Shirts and swim caps will be given out at practices Tuesday and Wednesday (6/23 – 24.) Please make sure your swimmer wears their shirt in our team picture.

+ * Yard Signs+
Our new yard signs look amazing (shout-out to Rilee Born for taking on that endeavor of designing them!) and are $15. If you wish to write a check, it can be made out to “Dickinson Gator Swim Team.” Signs are available at morning and evenings practices.

  • Meets
    I had a meeting with the league presidents this past week and was able to get more information on our meets. The board will be meeting next week and I am hoping to have meet information out to you in regards to meet dates, volunteer opportunities, and how they will run by next Tuesday, 6/23. However, please note our inter squad meet activities will take place on Thursday, 6/25 in the evening from 5:30 – 8:00 (ish.) We will have morning practice but the evening will be a inter squad meet.
  • Gringo’s Fundraiser
    We have teamed up with Gringo’s in Texas City to have a fundraiser night on Monday, 7/6. For any dine-in and take-out orders that the fundraiser flyer is presented, the Gator Swim Team will receive 20% from your final bill. I will have flyers out at the pool this upcoming week and also will post on Facebook if you’d like to make copies. Please note, you’re not allowed to stand in their parking lot/premises and hand out flyers as people are going inside to eat. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know.

Have a great day!
Callie Harmon

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Officials Training Information

Posted by Dickinson Gators at Jun 20, 2020 7:49AM PDT

If you’re interested in being an official for this season please click on the attached link. In order for meets to run (in-person or virtually) we must have officials. For any meet we normally have 4 working at a time but prefer 6-8 so officials can rotate and take breaks. If you have any questions in regards to officials training or what the job entails please contact John Harmon as he is our team’s Officials Coordinator.

All training for officials will be done virtually and are found in the link I have attached.

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A Message from our Coach

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Howdy Gators

For those of you that are coming back from last year, I have missed everyone and am super excited to see y’all. It has been a strange year, but I am ready for us to get back to swimming! For those who are new to the team, welcome! I am super excited to meet you!

{Let’s all start this year off right by reading this long email that is filled with some very important information, hopefully answering many of your questions}.

This summer is no doubt going to be different from those of the past. A lot of things are still up in the air. We are not sure how swim meets are going to work with social distancing. Practices will be structured differently—we are planning on having two different time options for practice (more on that later). And we are not sure exactly how long the season is going to last. The one thing we are sure of is this is going to be a great season. No matter how meets, practices, and anything else along the way work, we will be having lots of fun!

As I said before, we will have two separate practice times this year. We will offer both a morning practice and evening practice—please refer to the table below for times. We are not entirely sure of the logistics yet, but we are working on a way that will ensure close to equal numbers of people at each practice. We are considering having a sign up of some kind for practice times. At the very least we will be requiring our high school swimmers to attend the morning practice.
Parents will also be affected by these changes as well. In order to social distance, we will not be requiring that you stay inside the pool area during practice time. You can remain in your car, or even leave the pool. If you chose to leave the pool, we will require you fill out a form (just once for the year) which will contain your contact information along with some other things. If you chose to stay, we recommend you bringing a chair to sit in. The normal blue chairs will not be available as another precaution to stop the spread of COIVD-19.

_*Morning & Evening
8 & Under = 9:00 am – 9:45 am & 5:45 pm – 6:30 pm
9 & Above (not high school) = 8:00 am – 9:00 am & 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
High School = 8:00 am – 9:00 am*_

Swim Meets
For swim meets this year, it is looking like we will have ‘virtual meets.’ (there is a small possibility we will move back to normal style meets at the end of the season) What this means is we will not be traveling to other teams or having other teams travel to our pool. This is one of the precautions the league is taking to keep everyone safe. Having two team meet at one pool with all the swimmers and parents does not appear to be safe at this time. Instead, each team will swim at their respected pools and we will record times just as we normally do at a swim meet. The times will be put online and compared with the other team’s times to see who won the meets. While this is not ideal for many reasons, especially the decrease in competitiveness, I am still very excited about them and there are also some benefits that I want you all to see. First and foremost, this method of a meet will help keep everyone safe by allowing better social distancing. Second, as a huge benefit to parents, the meet will go by MUCH faster. With less kids at the meet, there will be fewer heats and better opportunity to combine the heats that we have. Third, we will really be able to concentrate on our kids as the meet will be less hectic.
The championship meet series at the end of the year also appears to be canceled at this point.

Final Thoughts
As with everything now-a-days, this is a very fluid situation. We want to be very honest with you guys and get you as much information that we can as fast as we can, but please know some things might change. I am extremely excited to get started and I know this is going to be a great season. Please feel free to reach out to me or Coach Jay ( at any time!

Coach Colby