Assistant Coaches Application Now Open!

Posted by Dickinson Gators on Mar 25 2024 at 02:01PM PDT

Interested in taking on a leadership role with the team? Be an Assistant Coach!

In order to be considered for the Assistant Coach position you must:

  1. 1. Be at least 14 years old.
  2. 2. Must swim on the Dickinson Gator Swim Team for the entire 2024 summer season.
  3. 3. Be able to attend all practices and meets. (If missing a practice or meet, it is your responsibility to let the Head Coach and Callie Harmon know prior to the absence.)
  4. 4. Assist the Coach(es) with helping coach the 8 and under swimmers. (Be in the water with the swimmers.)
  5. 5. Be available for the 9-12 practice if needed.
  6. 6. Be a lane leader during your time of team practice. (You must be registered for the current season as a swimmer)


Application deadline: April 1, 2024