Want to Help with Champ Series?

Posted by Dickinson Gators on Feb 26 2020 at 09:03AM PST in Summer 2020

A message from the League:

We have not received any names of volunteers for Champ Series committee as of yet.

Please submit your name ASAP so we can start look planning the Champ Series.

First Meeting will be Wednesday March 11th at 6:45pm Nassau Bay City Hall Conference Room
We need people willing to step up into the following areas for Champ Series:
• Publicity-reach out to local media and get our event out there and invite them to join us; assist with twitter and other social media sites to post during meet (working with Sarah Sharpless)
• Merchandise-locate/work with vendor to design logo and set up merchandise table
• Volunteer Coordinator-coordinate all the volunteers and area for Champ Series
These are just a few of the major areas that we need assistance with. Remember that these volunteers do NOT HAVE TO BE LEAGUE REPS – any member/coach/parent can assist with the planning of champ series.


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